My website is about my hobbies and Trade. You're going to see Motorcycles, guitars, blogs, HVAC Tech Tools, Youtube videos. I will also be promoting all my gear through Amazon Affiliates links to support my channels.

The Motorcycles

Video's of Yamaha MT07

These videos run through some mods I have done to 2022 MT07. If you would like to purchase some of this gears the Affiliate links are in the video or here you go !

Gel cushion 

Amazon Exhaust 

Pre-load adjusters 

Puig Touring windscreen 

Istunt exhaust tip 

Throttle lock 

Shoei Transitions lens rf1200 

Tidwe rainsuit 

Radiator Guard

Nelson Rigg touring bag 

Frame sliders 

Tail Tidy 

Fenrir bar-end mirrors 

Led lights 

Gel seat cushion 

Air flow cushion 

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Mods

The Transitions lens is must have for those who ride at night and into the mornings. The self darkening lens helps with that blinding sunglare. If you are looking a great comm/camera setup check out the Sena 10c Evo. The camera is high quality, the mic is clear, and the speakers are loud enough to fight the wind noise.

2022 Yamaha MT-07

I bought this bike of the showroom floor. The bike super comfy, powerful, and sturdy. It gives you the confidence needed to carve up the roads.

What are they saying about this bike:

"The MT-07 is a staple in the Yamaha lineup, and in its own way, has become a highly influential motorcycle. Parallel twin with 270-degree cranks are all the rage these days, and the MT-07 was one of the first to popularize the configuration. Approachable, affordable, and fun, the MT-07 taps into the universal virtues of motorcycling." 

The bike that started it all!

Segway X160 I bought this to ride the trails and found the itch to go a little bigger and faster. This started my journey of 2 wheel fun!

Hawk 250 My first motorcycle!

This is the first motorcycle I have ever ridden. It's an inexpensive 250cc motorcycle shipped to you in a box. I had assemble most of parts which isn't a bad thing. It forces you to learn the basics, and I feel this was very helpful in the long run.

In the box

freight truck delivery

Almost there!

Hawk fully assembled minus fender

It was a good first bike however!

We need more power

KTM Duke 390

The Hawk was a good bike, learning how to use the throttle, clutch and bang through the gears. I needed more power  for the roads, so my next bike was the KTM Duke 390. This was a huge upgrade, it was 140 more CC's and was noticeable. The bike was able to keep up with the traffic, but was a little on the light side for the highway. I kept it for a couple months and moved on to the 2022 Yamaha MT07.

First Time Rider?

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it's important to take the time to learn how to do it safely. Here are some general steps you can follow:

Remember, riding a motorcycle safely requires practice, patience, and focus. Be sure to take a motorcycle safety course to learn the best practices and techniques for safe riding.

Be SAFE out there, use the gear!